Elements of the All Points Design Experience

Focused one-to-one meetings

Refreshing & fun itinerary & venue to forge strong connections


We invite a pre-qualified list of active specifiers & buyers in interiors, architecture, purchasing, and management/development for the hospitality industry. Suppliers are also encouraged to make suggestions of target qualified active specifiers & buyers they’d like us to invite, and we’ll reach out to those specifiers & buyers.

We finalize our list of buyers and give suppliers an opportunity to select who they want to meet with; buyers will do the same.

Meetings are prioritized by matches first, and then by suppliers’ selections.

For any remaining slots, we take the buyers’ selections into consideration.


  1. 18 one-on-one meetings
  2. Networking events crafted to make sure meaningful relationships are made
  3. Full-page listing in event directory (suppliers only)
  4. 4-night Balcony Cabin accommodation
  5. Wi-Fi internet
  6. Dining and beverage package including alcohol
  7. Exciting group and individual activities
  8. Access to shipboard amenities

*Alcoholic beverages purchased separately from the event itinerary are not included

** Some additional fees may apply

Pricing for Suppliers/Vendors

  • 1 representative in 1 cabin: $13,500
  • 2 representatives in 2 cabins: $16,500
  • Guest/Spouse: $795 extra in the same cabin